Pensions Marketing

Application of Behavioural Economics

Behavioural economics has succeeded in demonstrating that the traditional assumptions of decision theory do not function properly. The incorporation of the study of psychology into economics offers a view that is much more akin to reality and brings more successful results. Novaster is a pioneer in the application of the principles of behavioural economics to pensions, with a broad range of applicability to the development of long-term, primarily individual, savings schemes.

Sell better, sell more

What Novaster offers is integral to everything related to pensions marketing strategy. We support the defining of marketing strategies and plans, starting from the basis of behaviour and the local environment. Focussing on the customer, we work on the design of both concepts and products, and here always from a holistic and behavioural perspective, for the savings or accumulation phase and for the disposal or distribution phase. Specific training, both for those responsible for the strategy and those who apply it in the network, is a key element in the success of these programmes, which Novaster handles in a special way in collaboration with the London School of Economics. It is also essential to have the appropriate tools to maximize the effect of the strategy (guides, simulators, websites, specific marketing utilities) which Novaster develops specifically for each customer, adapted to their means, culture, and strategy.

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